Proton – Small Building Complete Energy Solution

Proton is an innovative software based building controller that integrates energy and building management data and systems in real time providing tools to visulaize, monitor, control and report building performance and operation.  Powerful and flexible, Proton uses an intuitive web interface accessible from any standard browser and can connect to a companion iOS or Android application for use with mobile devices without limit on how many user can access the system.  This economical solution can manage up to 100 connected control devices and meters.  Proton supports BACnet MS/TP, IP and Modbus IP and RTU with 4 onboard communication ports.  It has a built-in database, programming environment, GUI development tools and a secure VPN included.


  • BUILDING MANAGEMENT (Graphics, schedules, trends, alarms and calendars)

  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT (Energy metering, dashboards, automated reporting)

  • FACILITY MANAGEMENT (Automated utility and afterhours billing, public displays)

Proton is available in four sizes (10, 20, 50 or 100 connected devices) to meet the needs and budgets of most buildings no matter how small.  Contact us today for more information.